Wheely 2




Play Wheely 2 for free ! If you like the game – share it with your friends 🙂

Everyone loves Wheely. He is so cute ! He definitely knows how to drive – but when he sees an obstacle – he panics ! But don’t worry – you can help him. eliminate the obstacles and show Wheely the right path. Help him reach the end of each level.

Wheely 2 is a very fun puzzles that you can play for hours – so addicting ! Each level is challenging . Move the different object and clear out the way so Wheely can pass. The first levels are super easy, but the next ones will defiantly challenge you 🙂

After the game will be loaded, you will see the main menu page. Click “Play” to play. Use your mouse to move objects and Wheely. Hints will be shown in the first level (pay attention to them).

If you liked the game – share it with your friends – they will appreciate it for sure. Also, check out the other games from the Wheely game series on our website.

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