Wheely 8


Millions around the world played the Wheely games. They are challenging and very fun. Not only kids and teenagers like them. Many adults find them challenging and addicting as well. The best prat about this series is that there are so many Wheely games. After you finish one, there are many others you can play.

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Wheely games are not super hard, but in order to complete all the levels – you will definitely have to be skillful. Some people that can’t find a way to complete a difficult level – go to YouTube and see walkthough videos. They are very useful, but some will call that – cheating. I am not sure what I think about it – because it really depends. If you use these videos to complete all levels – that’s one thing. But if you rarely use them, and only in super hard levels – than you know what – maybe it’s fine/

Wheely 8 is currently the latest game that came out. It is super fun, and the levels are really cool. It is not an easy game, the levels are pretty hard, especially towards the end.  Since the game came out not too long ago, it is not very easy to find it online. But don’t worry – we have it ! On our website you can play Wheely 8, as well as other amazing Wheely games. We really hope you will like and enjoy playing Wheely 8. I am sure that the team that developed it spent many months designing and making it – because it defiantly looks amazing. There are new obstacles and challenges, and we are very excited about that.

>> Click Here To Play Wheely 8 <<


If you liked Wheely 8, don’t forget to share it with your friends. I am sure that they will like it very much. You can even compete with them – see who can reach the last level first ! Don’t use the YouTube videos I talked about of course. It’s a test of your skills, so no place for “cheating” !

Save our website and come back in the future ! We are adding new Wheely games as they come out. Also, you can find here interesting Wheely videos you should defiantly check out ! We invested a lot of time designing and building this Wheely fan website.  As you can see, the design is really cool – and the navigation is easy. We do all we can to make your experience here as pleasant and fun as possible.