Wheely 4


Play Wheely 4 – the fun and addicting puzzles game.

Wheely is back ! The fourth edition of the popular game is here ! As always, Wheely needs your help moving from one place to the other. And this time – he is also a time traveler. He will visit all historical places, and that should be really fun.

Your goal is to make sure Wheely reaches the ending point of each level. Move the objects and obstacles, flip switches and click on the buttons. Do everything needed – and make sure Wheely reaches the ending points. All this obstacles are not easy to deal with.You will definitely have to put some thought into it.

Wait until the game loads. You will be able to change the game language. When you are ready – press “Play”.

Use your mouse to play. Share the Wheely 4 game with your friends and comment below if you liked it 🙂 Also, check out other Wheely games on our website.